2 + 2 – New Owners

As mentioned in one of our previous news articles the 2+2 forum had been sold but we didn’t know who to, well, the new owners have now revealed themselves.

The new owners go by the name of Andrew and Max, 2 high stakes poker players looking to innovate the forum. One thing they are already doing is asking the public for their ideas and thoughts on the forum.

Some of the ideas are.

  • Remove all banner ads (done).
  • Lift most of the restrictions in our marketplace forums, making them free of charge.
  • Encourage companies, coaches, and others to post about themselves, their products, and their services for free.
  • Gather feedback about the forum and analyze this data.
  • Revise our ban policy.
  • Grow our social network channels.

This is all very exciting for the forum and hope to see huge success’ in the future.

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