2+2 Poker Forum – SOLD

24 years and 60 million posts later, on Tuesday 13th July 2021 Mason Malmuth the now former owner of the well known 2+2 poker forum announced that there will be new owners of the site.

He stated that the reasons for selling the site were “that those of us, including myself, who run this site are getting old, and I’ll be 70 this fall. So, when the offer came in to sell the site to new younger people who are on top of all the latest programming technology and who should have the ability to make this site better than it ever was, we felt that the time was right and would be best for everyone, including those of you who are members of the Two Plus Two Community.”

Here’s a snapshot of what the former owner Mason said to the community;

Credit to 2+2 Poker Forum

Thank you, Mason and the team, for creating this forum, your contribution to the poker community has been greatly appreciated!

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