Earn 15% Gross extra on our EXCLUSIVE partypoker chase.

By September 4, 2019Uncategorized

We offer our highly valued VIP players a custom deal through a chase.

Earn yourself up to an extra 15% extra gross rakeback! Even existing accounts could apply!

Rake up to $5000 and get 10% extra gross rakeback- this applies to anyone. Old, new or dormant account.
Rake over $5000 and get 15% extra rakeback- this applies to anyone. Old, new or dormant account.

There are no deductions from promotions or the diamond club!


This promotion starts from the first of the month and runs until the end of the month.
We reserve the right to both cancel and adjust this promotion anytime and exclude players.
Players shall be tracked to us in order to participate in this promotion.
Cash prizes shall be credited to player accounts within 20 days after the promotion ended.
Minimum rake $100. If you don’t make it, there are no negative consequences, just no payment.

Already have a Partypoker account? simply contact us by email Paul@universal-poker.com or skype paul.mooney59 providing your partypoker username and email address and we will check to see if you qualify for our promotion. We will reach out to partypoker on your behalf and get back to you within 5 working days .

Please note that if you already have a poker deal with another affiliate, we may not be able to accept your application for our exclusive promotion.