How The Metaverse Will Change Poker

There’s no doubt that the Metaverse will have a massive impact on the world of both online and live poker. There are a few different ways to play poker, but with the advent of VR and other immersive technologies, that is all about to change.

Today, we will discuss how the Metaverse will improve poker and change the way we play the game. Stay tuned for more information! 

What Is The Metaverse?

We’ve all heard CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg talk about the Metaverse. Roughly 1 year ago, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was rebranding to Meta, with Its future being focused on the upcoming “Metaverse”. Even though huge brands like Facebook have taken an interest in the Metaverse, many of us still don’t understand it.

Well, to put it simply, the Metaverse is a virtual world that you can access from your computer or mobile device. You can explore it, interact with other people, and create things in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is like the internet, but it’s three-dimensional and interactive. The Metaverse is still being developed, but there are already some popular Metaverses, such as Second Life, Minecraft, and Roblox.

How Will The Metaverse Change Poker?

Poker is a game that has been around for centuries, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With the advent of the internet, poker has taken on a new life, with people able to play globally. However, the internet is about to change poker again with the rise of the Metaverse.

We believe poker will be one of the first games to be played in the Metaverse, and it will be unlike anything that has come before, and here’s why. 

3D Reacting Avatars

Players will have 3D live reacting avatars for starters, meaning that you will be able to see players’ verbal and physical tells. When you compare this with online poker, this changes everything.

Currently, online poker lacks this as you cannot hear or see your opponents. There is no doubt that the Metaverse will make online poker a much more immersive and exciting experience. 

Live Poker Experience Online

One of the obvious ways the Metaverse will affect the world of online poker is how it will give it that authentic feel. Imagine that when you’re playing online, it will make it feel like you are genuinely sitting at a table with other players. 

No Dealers Means Lower Rake?

One significant way in which the Metaverse could affect live poker is fees. If there are no live dealers needed and no overheads, that potentially means lower rake fees, right? 

Worldwide Play

There are talks of poker in the Metaverse potentially being above gambling law. If this is true, it could be a huge game-changer. Currently, many of the most popular poker sites still have countries that are restricted use. 

If poker in the Metaverse is above the gambling law, it will be a one-stop-shop for all players worldwide. If it’s popular, there will be the potential for insane amounts of volume on the tables.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to enter the Metaverse? How long will it be until the Metaverse revolutionises poker? Well, we don’t know. However, we think poker might be the perfect game for it. Only time will tell. 

Thanks for reading! Poker in the Metaverse is going to be mind-blowing! We can’t wait to see how it plays out!

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