Optibet NEW February Promotions

If you’re playing or planning to play at Optibet in February, then we have some good news for you. Optibet has a fantastic set of promotions they’re holding in February, and here they are.

The $150,000 Guaranteed Sunday Party

The Sunday Party will be available to play every Sunday at 19:05 GMT starting on February 5th for players on both Optibet and partypoker. The event has a $109 buy-in with a $150,000 guaranteed prize pool, making it highest guarantee of the week on the partypoker network!

When 16 players remain, Day 1 ends, with the survivors returning to play at 20:05 GMT the following Monday. There are various ways to qualify through the satellite programmes running daily, as well as ‘Mega’ satellites available at the weekend, all with entry as low as $0.01.

The $50,000 Sunday Carnival

Looking for a smaller buy-in, The Sunday Carnival is a $22 event that offers a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool. This event also shuffles up and deals at 19:05 GMT on Sundays and runs across two days. The final 16 players from Day 1 return to the online felt the following evening at 20:05 GMT to crown a champion. Satellites run every day as well as ‘Mega’ satellites over weekend.

Once again, this promotions is available for players both on Optibet and partypoker!

Twitch Win or Die

From the 15th January until the 5th March, every Sunday at 18:00, streamers at Optibet host a fun contest called “Win or Die” on the Optibet Twitch channel. 

In Win or Die, two streamers will simultaneously play the same tournaments and, later on, compare results. Whoever wins the most cash in the session they played gets to choose a fun forfeit for the loser from the following list:  

  1. Stream in women’s clothing and make-up
  2. Host a cooking stream
  3. Shave the head and beard on stream, but keep the moustache
  4. Visit an animal shelter, feed and walk the dogs
  5. Perform on the stream songs of the choice of the viewers (30 minutes)
  6. Drink and talk with the homeless person

As well as the loser completing a forfeit, the winner will also receive the Optibet Streamers Cup and 500p$ directly into their Optibet account.

There will be six streams, with the final stream kicking off on February 26th with a special “surprise” included, so make sure to tune in! 

Here’s the schedule: 

  • 15.01 knackerlv vs DrHoldem
  • 22.01 knackerlv vs deckflow
  • 29.01 PPL vs DrHoldem
  • 05.02 PPL vs deckflow
  • 26.02 knackerlv vs deckflow
  • 05.03 PPL vs DrHoldem

You can find out more information and read more about streamers and the Optibet Twitch channel here.

Daily Legends. Weekly leaderboards. Big prizes.

Optibet is giving you a chance to become their next Legend of the Week, where you canwin your share of over $25,000 in tickets! These tickets will give you entry to some of the biggest and best tournaments on the site. 

All you have to do is play any No Limit Hold ’em Daily Legends tournaments (excluding satellites and Omaha) from Monday at

01:00 until the following Monday at 00:59 and collect leaderboard points. The higher you climb on the leaderboard, the bigger your reward is.

There are THREE Daily Legends Leaderboards held each week:

LevelBuy-In RangeTop Prize
Low$5.01 – $20$854 ticket package
Medium$20.01 – $55$1174 ticket package
High$55.01 +$1694 ticket package
* (Daily Legends or Super Daily Legends tournaments only)

How are Daily Legends Leaderboards points calculated?

You’ll score points towards the weekly leaderboard if you finish in the payout positions at the end of each tournament. Finish in the payout position on one of Optibets 3 “Daily Legends” Leaderboards to receive free tournament tickets at the end of the week!

Points are calculated using the following formula:

10 * [√n/√rank]

n = the number of players in the tournament.

Only players reaching payout positions in qualifying tournaments will be awarded leaderboard points.

What can you win?

See the below tables for the rewards you can receive: 

Low ($5.01 – $20)

1stSuper $530 + Super $215 + Sunday Party $109
2nd2 x Super $215 + Sunday Party $109
3rd – 5thSunday Party $109 + Super $109 + Super $55
6th – 10thSunday Party $109 + Super $33 + Sunday Carnival $22
11th – 20thSunday Party $109
21st – 30thSunday Carnival $22 + Sunday Party Mega Sat $16.50 + Super $11
31st – 40thSunday Carnival $22 + Sunday Party Mega Sat $16.50
41st – 50thSunday Carnival $22
51st – 100thSunday Party Feeder $3.30 + 2 x Sunday Carnival Mega Sat $3.30

Medium ($20.01 – $55)

1stSuper $530 + Super $320 + Super $215 + Sunday Party $109
2ndSuper $530 + Super $215 + Sunday Party $109
3rd – 5thSuper $215 + Sunday Party $109 + The Grand Phase 3 $109
6th – 10thSunday Party $109 + Super $109 + Sunday Carnival $22
11th – 20thSunday Party $109 + Sunday Carnival $22
21st – 30thSuper $33 + Sunday Carnival $22 + Sunday Party Mega Sat $16.50
31st – 40thSunday Carnival $22 + Sunday Party Mega Sat $16.50 + Super $11
41st – 50thSunday Carnival $22 + Sunday Party Mega Sat $16.50
51st – 100thSunday Party Mega Sat $16.50 + Sunday Carnival Mega Sat $3.30

High ($55 +)

1stGrand Final $1050 + Super $320 + Super $215 + Sunday Party $109
2ndSuper $530 + Super $320 + Sunday Party $109 + Super $55
3rd – 5thSuper $320 + Super $215 + Sunday Party $109
6th – 10thSuper $215 + Sunday Party $109 + Sunday Carnival $22
11th – 20thSunday Party $109 + Super $55 + Sunday Carnival $22
21st – 30thSunday Party $109 + Sunday Carnival $22
31st – 40thSunday Party $109
41st – 50thSunday Carnival $22 + 2 x Sunday Party Mega Sat $16.50

Full promotional terms and conditions apply. Full terms and conditions apply.

With such excellent upcoming promotions, there has never been a better time to start playing poker on Optibet!

What to check out more about what Optibet offers? You can read our Optibet Review here. 

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