Optibet News – League of Poker Lovers & MyGame Whiz!

For those of you who don’t know, Optibet is a partner site to PartyPoker. Players in Latvia and Estonia who are restricted from playing on PartyPoker can still enjoy their fun games and most of their promotions at Optibet!

There’s a lot of fun stuff happening at Optibet, so we have decided to cover it in a short write-up. Why not, right?

MyGame Whiz

Starting, we have the introduction of “MyGame Whiz”, A.K.A. “Whiz”, which went live on Optibet and PartyPoker earlier in the week.

You might be thinking, “what is MyGame Whiz?” and “How does this benefit me?”. Well, in short, Whiz is your very own reporting and training tool. Whiz is a personal poker coach that gives you real-time tips and encouragement based on your play.

How Does MyGame Whiz Work?

Here’s a quick breakdown on how Whiz works:

Live Feed – Learn From Your Mistakes

Get feedback on your recent hands and learn when you shouldn’t or should have folded! You will have the ability to filter hands from 1 – 48 hours ago.

Whiz Chat – Real-Time Advice Tailored To You

Whiz will provide an interactive commentary allowing you to share, save, and replay hands! The more you play, the better the advice you will receive.

MyGame Report Card – Share Your Poker Journey

Once you play 100 hands, you will earn your report card. On your report card, you will find missions and challenges to help strengthen your weak spots. Complete them and show off your new skills on the tables!

You can find all the information on MyGame Whiz on Optibet’s website. Click here to be taken there! 

PLEASE NOTE: Whiz is not yet available on mobile, so download and play on a desktop to enjoy the full benefits!

League of Poker Lovers Returns!

That’s right, the League of Poker Lovers (LOPL) has returned to Optibet! You can play tournaments, earn points, and potentially be the lucky player to win the top prize – a €1600 Live Poker Tournament package!

Tournaments in the LOPL series are united in a common standing table. Players who collect the most points, including their cash winnings in the tournaments, will receive other valuable prizes, including tournament tickets, party dollars, and more!

Both regular and PKO formats will be available with $55 Main Event. The total series guarantee almost reaches $11k, which is more than DOUBLE the previous year’s guarantee!

When Does The League of Poker Lovers Start?

The League Of Poker Lovers is due to start on November 6th and lasts until December 18th, 2022. You can find all the information on key events, what to expect, and how to play on Optibet’s website. Click here to be taken there!

Get Up To $2000 In Party Dollars Today!

If you haven’t yet signed up for Optibet, now is the time to do so and join the action! Players will have the opportunity to get up to $2000 in Party Dollars!

Optibet allows all players to participate in the welcome bonus regardless of their registration date to reward the most loyal players. So, if you’re an existing player, you can still join in on the fun!

The fun doesn’t stop there. You can also receive the best rewards through Universal Poker Affiliates – Check out our Optibet Review here for all the information, or sign-up below!

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