Team BAS Poker is a subscription-based Spins coaching model which allows players to receive stable quality content without the long-term and profit share commitments.

Initially, Team Bas Poker was formally a stable specialising in the Spins format founded by high stakes regular Beldarion and RaiseYourEdge coach Asaban.

What Do Team Bas Do?

Throughout the years, it became apparent that many players out there are looking for coaching but do not wish to join a long-term contract, nor do they need the bankroll that staking provides. Because of this, Asaban and Beldarion formed Team Bas Poker to fill this niche in the marketplace.

They offer up to 3 live group coaching's per week, a hand history channel reviewed by their coaches, an active Discord group with over 200 members, a vast video library containing over 300 hours of top-quality coaching content, and much more! 

The best bit - there is no long-term commitment. Members can choose between Monthly and Annual subscriptions, which provides flexibility to suit all schedules and needs.

The head coaches of Team BAS Poker are Beldarion and Sido. Both have extensive experience within this format, with Beldarion playing up to the €250 games and Sido currently crushing the €100 level.


Universal Poker Affiliates are proud to have partnered with Team BAS so we can provide both of our communities with unique offerings to help improve their poker game!

Universal Poker Affiliates are well-known and extremely trusted affiliates within the poker industry. We welcome the opportunity to bring their industry-leading deals and experience to the Team BAS Poker community!

To celebrate this ongoing partnership, all members who join a Team BAS subscription through Universal Poker Affiliates will receive a 10% discount! Subscription discounts apply to both Monthly and Annual subscriptions and are valid for the duration of your subscription.

How to claim your discount

The discount applied to Team BAS' subscriptions is a manual process, so players who would like to take advantage of this discount will need to follow these steps:

1) Contact Team BAS on Discord or by Email with your subscription request or query.

2) Tell the Team BAS representative you're in contact with that you would like to take advantage of Universal Poker Affiliates promotions to receive a 10% discount on your subscription.

It's as easy as that! Now you can enjoy Spins training with a 10% discount to your subscription.

If you have any other further questions, the Team BAS Community Discord Sever is free to join and always will be! You can join by clicking the banner below.