Universal Advent Chase

Universal Advent Chase

December Bonus Hunt

In December you’re in for a treat! To reward all our players at Party Poker, we have an extra bonus up to $250 ON TOP of our already exclusive loyalty program. The concept is pretty simple: Play a minimum of X days, and rake Y on each specific day, and you will get a bonus of Z belonging to each rank. 

For example, if you play a minimum of 5 days in the month and rake at least $10 on each unique day, you will get an extra bonus of $10 charged to your account. 


On top of that, we got an exclusive tournament (Universal Advent Chase Exclusive Tournament)for all our players who go the extra mile! 

Play 15 days and rake $5+ on each unique day and get 1 starting stack!

Play 20 days and rake $5+ on each unique day and get 2 starting stacks!

Any issues or questions feel free to message us on the Live Chat feature!

Full terms and conditions apply.

Promotion open to all Universal Affiliates direct players 

 Promotion starts at midnight 1st December CET and ends 23:59 CET 31st December

Universal Private Tournament:  will take place on Sunday 26th January at 19.00 CET and appear in the lobby by 15th January

We will announce the event ticket and package prize asap

Chase:  tier below bonus applies to players falling between min rake/days tiers

Example if you rake $30 a day for ten days you will qualify for Silver Bonus of $20.00

If you rake $30 a day for 9 days you qualify for bronze bonus of $10

Payments will be made together with your standard Universal top ups no later than 20th January 2020

Players are responsible for tracking days played.

Universal Affiliates Limited will issue full results no later than 20th January 2020

Publish date: 02.12.2019