Launched in 2001 by PartyGaming, partypoker has had up to 80,000 players logged in and was the largest online card room until 2006. They are now part of the Entain group, along with other top brands such as Coral, Bwin, and Ladbrokes. 

Partypoker is one of the oldest and most popular online poker sites globally for many reasons. This review will cover the strengths and weaknesses to help you decide whether this is the right place for you to play.  

PARTYPOKER Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus for new players at partypoker is excellent. It gives players free cash to help get started and a 100% deposit bonus to help maximise their returns.

Welcome bonuses differ from country to country. For players playing in the United Kingdom, they will receive a 100% bonus on up to £400 and £40 free play.

To find out what welcome bonuses you're eligible for, click here.


In addition to the fantastic welcome bonus that partypoker offers, they also have regular promotions available. These include daily freebies, leaderboards, boosted cashback, and more!

Here are the promotions currently available:

Boosed Hours Sit & Go: Get a 1.5x boost for extra cashback!

Boosted Hours Fastforward: Extra cashback with 3x points boost during Boosted Hours.

Omaha Daily Legends: More tourneys. More prize pools. More Omaha.


Super Daily Legends: Huge tournaments every day of the week! Buy-ins from $1.10.

Sit & Go Leaderboards: Play for prizes up to $600 every day!

Daily Spins Leaderboards: Play for prizes worth up to $8.5k every day!



The rewards programme at partypoker is one of the best in the industry. You can earn up to 55% weekly cashback when exchanging your partypoker points for cash rewards.


To qualify for cashback, you must earn 10 points through partypoker's loyalty programme. There is a variable points format on partypoker, meaning that selected game formats reward you with more points.


For example, $1 worth of rake in fastforward games earns you 4 points, whereas $1 worth of rake in SPINS games earns you 2.5 points. You can find all the information on variable points here.


If you're a big SPINS player, then you will be pleased to know you can opt-in* for Diamond Club and can receive up to 60% cashback!


Players who have been accepted to join the SPINS Diamond Club receive a fixed cashback percentage paid out in Weekly Top-ups that come in addition to Weekly Cashback rewards.


If you opt in, you will receive an individually set 12-month period where you will need to reach the milestones while playing SPINS and SPINS ULTRA poker games exclusively to receive your rewards. Once you opt in, you will receive a fixed weekly cashback top-up of 30%.


Once you hit the first SPINS Diamond Club milestone set at $50,000, you will be rewarded $5,000 and 40% weekly cashback top-ups. The second milestone is set at $100,000. Once hit, you will receive $10,000 and 50% weekly cashback! Lastly, if you manage to reach the final $200,000 ELITE milestone within the 12-month period set, you will receive $20,000 and a total of 60% cashback!


As well as fixed cashback, Diamond Club members will have access to dedicated 24/7 support lines and service at our flagship online events!


*Players must collect a minimum of $1,000 rake in a calendar week playing SPINS / SPINS ULTRA games to opt-in. 


get UP TO an extra 15% cashback with universal poker

If partypoker's loyalty proIf partypoker's loyalty programme isn't enough, you'll be pleased to know you can receive up to extra 15% cashback through Universal Poker Affiliates' special marketing agreement with partypoker!


How It Works

When your partypoker account is tagged to Universal Poker Affiliates, you'll receive up to an extra 15% Cashback on top of whatever partypoker already gives you.


SPINS Diamond Club Players Receive An Extra 10% Cashback

Players with Diamond Club (DC) status are also eligible for extra cashback with Universal Poker Affiliates. Instead of an extra 15%, you will earn an additional 10% cashback on top of the 50% partypoker gives you, totalling 60% cashback!


SPINS Diamond Club ELITE Players Receive An Extra 5% Cashback

Lastly, Diamond Club ELITE players also get additional cashback. Instead of an extra 15%, we will pay an extra 5% cash back for players with Diamond Club ELITE status on top of the 60% they get from partypoker, which totals 65%!


How TO GET AN EXTRA 15% CASHBACK FROM universal poker affiliates

Both NEW and EXISTING accounts have an opportunity to join Universal Poker Affiliates' exclusive cashback deal on partypoker. All accounts' eligibility are reviewed case-by-case.


To find out whether you're eligible to join our deal, please follow these steps: 


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variety of games

The game variety at partypoker is relatively strong. When writing this review, we found around 70 tournaments starting each hour, meaning you will have a great selection of cash games and tournaments to play each day. Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know:


Cash Games

You can play No-Limit Hold 'em, Pot-Limit Hold 'em, Fixed Limit Hold 'em, Pot Limit Omaha, Short Deck and Fixed Limit 7 Card Stud on multiple heads-up and six and eight-handed tables. Stakes suit a variety of players, starting at $0.01 and going up to $5000.


In general, partypoker is a rewarding website for those willing to put in the hours. They have a very generous VIP program.

Sit & Go Games (SNGs)

There is an excellent selection of SNG tournaments at partypoker. Buy-ins suit all-sized players starting at $1.00 and reaching heights of $1000. 


Games available include heads-up, six-handed, nine-handed, and 10-handed tables with the choice of turbo, hyper-turbo, and deepstacks structures. Alternatively, there is a variation called double or nothing, where half the field doubles their buy-in and the other half leaves with nothing.


The traffic on SNGs is excellent in the late afternoon and evening and grows in the morning and early part of the day (CEST). A Daily Leaderboard runs from Monday to Friday, and a Weekend Leaderboard runs from Saturday to Sunday. 



There is an excellent variety of Spins to play at partypoker. There is practically no wait time to play them, and with buy-ins from as low as £0.25, anyone can play! For those bigger players, buy-ins reach heights of £100 with potential prize pools of £1 million!


Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT)

The MTT schedule has drastically improved over the past year, resulting in bigger fields. The tournaments on partypoker are a variety of formats and buy-ins, with one huge benefit: the Daily Legend flagship tournaments are structured so that they are finished within a reasonable time, meaning you could combine them with a normal lifestyle.


Buy-ins are as low as $0.01 and go above $530. There are a variety of formats, including Freezout, Knockout, Mix-Max, Phased, On-Demand, Re-Entry, Rebuy, and Real Name.



Some of the best value satellites are offered at partypoker, giving you access to big events in the industry. Quite often, they boost the prize pools by adding bonus tickets.


Live Events

Many high-profile events are sponsored by partypoker. These take place globally and include high and super high roller events. They also sponsor the MILLIONS event, which has prizepool from £5 million - £10 million. They also partner with the World Poker Tour (WPT) to host major live events.


You can win tickets to these live events by playing online for as little as a cent!

Competition Level On Partypoker

There are all ranges of skill levels when playing at partypoker. In the early days of partypoker, the site was full of "fish" (new/bad players). However, the grinders and "sharks" (good/experienced players) came and cleaned up.


To combat this, partypoker made it so cash games would be anonymous until you were sitting at the table so experienced players couldn't target the less experienced ones. As a result, it made partypoker a site every player could use. 


Since then, more experienced players have branched off to other sites, resulting in a nice mix and balanced site for all skill levels. Because of this, partypoker is a poker platform that should appeal to all types of players. 



One of the great features of partypoker is their customer support, with some contact methods available 24/7. There are four ways in which you contact customer service:


- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

- Live Chat (24/7)

- Telephone (Opening Hours: 16:00 - 20:00 CET)

- Email (24/7)


When you sign up for Universal Affiliates' partypoker deal, we will act as another support line. Because we work closely with partypoker, we can assist in many cases.


So, if there are any urgent enquiries you need answering, you can contact us on our TwitterEmail or contact our customer support manager Chris on Skype.

Payment Methods At Partypoker

There is an excellent selection of payment methods available on partypoker. However, these may differ from country to country. In the UK, you can use Debit Cards such as Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro Card, E-Wallets like Neteller, PayPal, and Luxon Pay, or other options, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Here is a list of the most popular payment methods available: 

Practically all deposit methods have a minimum requirement of £10 and no fees. In addition, all deposits are pretty much instant which is standard on most sites. 


Like deposits, practically all withdrawals have a minimum requirement of £10. Withdrawal times vary depending on what method you're using. For example, E-Wallets like Skrill, Luxon, and Neteller take up to 24 hours, whereas Debit Cards like Visa and Mastercard can take 3 - 5 banking days. 


Everyone should have a payment method, no matter how picky you are. There is no shortage when it comes to variety. To find out what payment methods are available in, please visit partypoker's payment methods page.



PartyCaption is a universal multi-purpose tool for partypoker, Bwin, and other skins. We strongly recommend using PartyCaption as a tool to improve your grind experience. 


When you apply this tool, it allows you to do the following and more: 


  • Fully customise fonts for nicks, stacks, bets, buttons, and betbox.
  • Fast colour notes so you can mark your opponents in two clicks.
  • Add text notes.
  • Customise hotkeys.
  • Automatically process standard dialogues.
  • Hide unnecessary table elements.
  • Auto buy-in and auto rebuy for cash games.
  • Customise your HUD with pot odds, stacks in BB, effective BB, tourney statistics - average stack, tourney position, blinds timer, etc.
  • Table highlight by blinds level, players count, post-flop players count, stack size, tourney buy-in, and table caption.
  • Table manager - this is automatic table arrangement and management.


Even though PartyCaption is not part of partypoker directly, we felt it was worth covering as it can make partypoker an even more excellent site to play. Although this is not a direct partypoker product, PartyCaption is a partypoker-approved tool, so it has been audited and is safe to use.

Is PartyPoker A Good Site To Play?

Partypoker is one of the world's largest and best poker sites. They have a fantastic welcome bonus, plenty of payment options, great promotions, regular table action, a cashback scheme, and more! What else could you want?


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As well as partypoker, we also work with many other sites, providing exclusive deals which give you extra cashback, access to freerolls, races, and more! You can check out our other poker offers here.