Raise Your Edge is a poker academy and community founded by Benjamin “bencb789” Rolle. Raise Your Edge offers a great variety of poker courses to improve your game.

Slay 6Max Hypers

Our very own Joshua “slayerv1fan” Hoesel has made an SNG blueprint course together with BENCB to help you improve your SNG game. 


Joshua is a real online poker dinosaur despite being a relatively young age. Many jokingly refer to him as the apex predator of (hyper turbo) SNGs.


Over the past 10 years, Josh has made a profit of more than 7 figures from all of his games. To make it even more impressive, he has done this with one of the highest volumes and table counts of SNGs in the history of poker, playing the highest stakes available!


Raise Your Edge have partenered with Joshua to created exclusive training modules to help you improve your poker game! Find out more here and get an EXCLUSIVE $80 discount if you sign up through the link below. 



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