Universal Affiliates has partnered up with luxury watch brand AZAD, based in New York City.

AZAD believes in an unwavering DEDICATION to 12 timeless values. Their aim is to instill these values into every one of their watches. In a world where trends come and go, values like: INTEGRITY, RESPECT, & HONOR are timeless. The most respected brand in NYC’s gold & diamond district, their FAMILY carries a 25 year TRADITION that began with 1 man & his dream. They don’t expect your LOYALTY, they seek to earn it the old fashion way.

All of their watchmakers have an unwavering DISCIPLINE to the trade. Every design is suited to match the AMBITIONS of their clientele. From a luxury sports line to a haute-tourbillon line; and classic designs to open skeleton watches, their timepieces offer a range of movements, colors and textures. They pride themselves on stellar craftsmanship & advanced horological technology.

AZAD watches are not just known by anyone, as you can see some huge names such as Donald Trump, Evander Holyfield and even world class poker players such as Joe Hatchem and Phil Gordon

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