Universal-Poker.com Interview ‘CheckDecide’ Owner Luigi

Could you please tell us a few words about yourself and your poker background?

I’m 36, father of two, born Hungarian, living in Valencia, Spain.

I started playing poker in 2005. I was a very persistent midstakes grinder, some of you may remember me as ’Luigi da BP’ on Stars or ’profikiller73’ on Party. I always spent a lot of time in the lab, figuring things out, discussing concepts with poker friends, and doing sims in PIO/HRC. I had some big scores live, including a WSOP bracelet in Vegas for the 10k PLH Championship, and I managed to be a steady winner for 13 years in online poker. Actually my very best period online were the last 6 months before I quit, lol 🙂 

Why did you decide to quit?

In the last months I was a student in bitB Staking. There I had 1-on-1 coachings with world-class players like Elmerixx, Pads, Oxota, Apo or Bencb. I was excited about this opportunity and always prepared very well for those sessions, but at the end of the 60 minutes I usually felt disappointed. Not because those guys are not brilliant, but because we didn’t really manage to find the right spots to discuss. We spent a lot of time talking about hands where there was not much info to gain.

I experienced the same inefficiency from the other side as well, as I was the head coach in the Hungarian section of bitB. I felt the need for a system which enables players to compare their decisions and quickly find the spots where their plays differ.

One day, when i was copy-pasting hands to weaktight, annoyed that it doesn’t support bounty info I asked myself: is this really how we share hand histories in 2018? I started thinking how this process ideally should look like…

What if we could make upload and share the hands superfast, by 1 click?

What if we could make the hands interactive by animating the action buttons?

What if we could quickly upload and link full tournaments or packages of marked hands?

I couldn’t help thinking about the platform i visioned, so I decided to quit my career as a poker player, moved to Spain and started managing the project full-time.

What is CheckDecide?

CheckDecide is an open platform for sharing poker experience.

Anyone can register and upload hands/tournaments/cashgame sessions. We transform those hand histories into quizzes, so visitors see the same action buttons as the original Hero faced in-game. The hand always goes on as the original Hero played, but we book the decisions of the visitor and serve with instant feedback and statistics on the deviation.

Is it for coaches or for students?

It can work both ways! 

A student can upload a hand and ask the coach to review it. As no typing is necessary, the coach can click the hand through in seconds, the student can see the results immediately and decide whether there is anything left to discuss.

On the other side the coach can upload and share some tricky hands. When the students reviewed those hands it will be clear which hands caused the most trouble for them – so the coach can focus on those spots. 

In addition we’ll have a nostalgia section for sessions and tournaments played in the old days, so you will have a chance to see how strategies developed through the years 🙂

Streamers also love the idea of creating and sharing their own content: ’Here is how i won $20.000’ or ’My 10 biggest bluffs’ or ’Thematic test on cbetting out of position’ etc.

Is CheckDecide a competitive product for the GTO tools? 

If your son says he wants to be an astronomer, what do you give him for Christmas, a telescope or a bunch of books on astrophysics? 

Sure, he is going to need those books one day, but if you make him read them too early, you kill his enthusiasm, so I strongly suggest going with a telescope first.

At CheckDecide we want to be the telescope for the poker world: while we serve professionals with clear, unique value, our main mission is to demonstrate the beauty of the game and to lower the entry barrier to the world of poker. We want to make education interactive, fun and spectacular.

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